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Catering to your adventurous side, Steel Horse Wines, feature a wide selection of Iowa produced wines

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Fire Wine

A dessert wine. 20% alcohol content.
If it is not available at your local retailer, ask for it!

2017 Bronze - Mid-American Wine Competition


Dry blended white
Pairs well with: Roasted pork​​.

2017 Bronze - Mid-American Wine Competition
2017 Bronze - Iowa State Fair Wine Competition

Full Bore

A smooth dry red that is easy to drink. This is a masters blend.
Pairs well with: Pastas and red sauces.

2017 Silver - Mid-American Wine Competition
​2017 Silver - Iowa State Fair Wine Competition


A sweet Rose'.

2017 Bronze - Mid-American Wine Competition

Sweet Ride

Aged in whiskey barrels, Sweet Ride is a sweet, rich, dark wine with notes of cherry and sweet bourbon flavor. If you like red wines with flavor and sweetness, this is the choice for you.
Pairs well with: Dark chocolates.


Brianna, a smooth sweet white that has a soft creamy texture.​
Pairs well with: Bits of your favorite cheese.


Smooth, slightly dry Brianna wine. Aged in Missouri oak barrels. served best chilled.

Throttle Down

Sweet white blend of Iowa grapes. Crisp flavors of peach with a smooth finish.

Brother's Run

Cabernet Savuvignon, a dry red full of flavor and texture.
Pairs well with: A juicy steak


Marquette, an off-dry red.
Pairs well with: BBQ foods.

Half Cocked

Semi-sweet white with notes of tropical fruits. Fruity and crisp with a full aroma.

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